Casino Luxemburg, Re-Ordinary

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Casino Luxemburg, Re-Ordinary

In this series of workshops, four secondary school classes from Luxembourg high schools created sculptures made from everyday objects, which were then exhibited at the Casino Display in Luxembourg. Based on the work of the artist Benedetto Bufalino, the pupils developed their own ideas for artworks. This opportunity to explore and create their own artwork provides a real sense of participation.

In the workshops by arcs audio students turn from learners into creators.

Casino Luxemburg, Re-Ordinary

The class 7P5 of the Lycée des Arts et Metiers built the astronaut "Bobelina" from more than 20 everyday objects. They say about the workshop: "It was fun to build the sculpture together as a class".

Casino Luxemburg, Re-Ordinary

The class CIP of the Maacher Lycée Grevenmacher planned a large party ship that also functions as a mini-golf course and thus combined two ideas: movement and fun. The ship was mainly made of recycled materials such as plastic bottles, pipes and cardboard boxes.

Casino Luxemburg, Re-Ordinary

"L'inévitable" and "L'homme, Dieu du temps" are the works of the 7PF1 from LTC Kirchberg. Here you can see "L'inévitable", which shows the influence of television on people: The bigger the LCD screen, the smaller the human being becomes.

Casino Luxemburg, Re-Ordinary

The class at the Lycée Technique du Bonnevoie created three works of art at once. Here you can see "Galaxy Hockey". An ice hockey golf field invites you to play on imaginary ice and with each goal, you reach out to the universe. The two artists Lara and Sidney say about their work: "It was great that we could invent something entirely on our own.”

Casino Luxemburg, Re-Ordinary

The students' works were exhibited in the Casino Display. The sculptures are related to the installation "Laby-Foot" by the artist Benedetto Bufalino, which could be seen in the labyrinth on Kirchberg as part of the biennal art project 1+1.

In this short Video Saskia Riedel, the workshop leader, tells us the idea behind the workshops series.

Statements from the children about the project

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The arcs audio web app was used in this project. In addition to the conversations, visitors can also read information about the artists and their works here.

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