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Kunstmuseum Celle

arcs audio implemented an audio guide for the exhibition “Parallel Worlds. Art, Science & Fiction” in the Kunstmuseum Celle as a Web-App in September 2020. In addition to the interviews, visitors receive concise information on the artists and their works of art.

The interviews with children, teenagers and adults show how differently art can be perceived.

Kunstmuseum Celle

7-year-old Lotte from Celle is contemplating “The Long Now” by Verena Friedrich from 2015. Regarding her interview for the audio guides, she says: “I had fun, I liked the soap bubbles best.” This photo was taken in September 2020, like all other photos of this exhibition.

Kunstmuseum Celle

Manuel, 13, is a student in Celle. He also speaks about “The Long Now” by Verena Friedrich. Regarding the exhibition and the accompanying audio guides, he says: “Above all, I found the flies really cool. It can be funny when you listen to it. Perhaps opinions will be divided and someone else will say that the soap bubble reminds them of a glass ball.”

Kunstmuseum Celle

Furniture maker Karl is standing next to the series of works “Evidence” by Mike Mandel and Larry Sultan from 1977. The 65-year-old regarding the participative audio guide: “I’m always very interested in new approaches and I am quick to join in. I still cannot imagine what others can draw from my contribution. But I think if you have a lot of voices talking about it, then it expands your own perception immensely.”

Kunstmuseum Celle

Niklas (15) and Hannes (16) are standing next to “Supertheory of Everything” by Florian Froese-Peeck from 2010. The two students from Celle regarding the effect of the interviews about art: “We were genuinely surprised, especially by the topics. It’s also interesting that art does not always have to be colourful, but it can also be very technical and still make you think. You can use the commentary to put your own opinion into perspective and learn a new method of contemplating art.”

Kunstmuseum Celle

Museologist Rahel from Celle is standing next to a work “Perpetual Storytelling Apparatus” by Benjamin Maus and Julius von Bismarck from 2009. Regarding arcs audio, she says: “The project shows that everyone is entitled to express their own thoughts about art without any previous knowledge. I hope that this project encourages visitors to lose their reservations about contemporary art and perhaps it will even reach people who would otherwise not come to the museum.”

Audio samples

Florian Froese-Peeck, Supertheory of Everything, 2010

Manuel, 13

„Das erinnert mich an die Simpsons und die Atomkraftwerke.“

Birgit, 53

„Menschen betreiben einen sehr großen Aufwand, diesem Wunsch nach Berührung nachzukommen.“

Karl, 65

„Ich sehe die Arme mit Händen dran. Die sind irgendwie in so einer Wartestellung.“


The newly developed Web-App was first implemented in this project. In addition to the interviews, visitors can also read information on the artists and their works here.

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