Inspirational audio guides

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Inspirational audio guides

Audio guides by arcs audio provide visitors with unusual access to art, whereby they approach the works solely via the viewing level. The digital mediation via the Web-App is not an end in itself because it enables a focus on the work and the impressions of the observer – directly with a view of the painting or even for later listening.

Inspired visitors stay longer, they are eager to return and they become ambassadors.

Good for museums

Good for museums

By using these participative audio guides, museums actively reduce inhibitions. They tap into new and diverse visitor groups, with whom they come into closer contact through accompanying workshops, and thus they can strengthen their social relevance. arcs audio offers all the digital advantages, without screens distracting from the curated works. Large investments in technology are not necessary because the audio guides are played as a Web-App on the smartphones of visitors. Detailed evaluations simultaneously offer insights into their behaviour and interests. However, our audio guides can also be integrated in your own infrastructure.

Good for art and good for the public

Good for art and good for the public

Visitors view the original work of art while listening to discussions about it on their smartphones. Although expertise does not play a role in these conversations, the observations never become banal due to the appreciative interviewing. The listeners experience how other laypersons make smart and stimulating comments about the works, and pay attention to their own perceptions. In particular, they are not guided by the customary expert knowledge, but they are inspired by the variety of perspectives. This is how people gain a whole new self-confidence and ease in dealing with art. This carries through the whole exhibition and perhaps even beyond.

The simplicity of the arcs audio Web-App

Our audio guides are remarkably easy to use. A flyer is available at the entrance, which explains precisely how the guide works. And away you go!

Step 1

1. There are boards with the QR codes and NFC tags located by the discussed works.

Step 2

2. Simply tap your smartphone on the NFC tag marker or scan the QR code.

Step 3

3. The App will show all information on the work and the artists and the discussions that can then be played back.

Still have questions?

Are you wondering whether our museum educational App is suitable for you? Do you have specific questions about our audio guides or would you like to know how you could integrate them in your own structure? We will be happy to answer all your questions. Please don't be shy − we like to talk about art!